Ringhals nuclear power plant

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Here you will find contact details as well as information about study visits at Ringhals nuclear power plant.


Two children enjoying the exhibition at Ringhals

You can learn more about the history of electricity at Ringhals Infocenter.


Infocenter's exhibition includes many fun activities. See and try for yourself how to dress properly when working at a nuclear power plant, learn about the process of turning nuclear fission into electricity, and take a peek inside a control room.

Book a study visit

If you would like further information in addition to that provided by the exhibition, we recommend that you book a study visit. Make your booking well in advance, as many people want to visit us. During the study visit, which lasts between two and three hours, you will meet an information officer who will tell you about our operation and answer your questions.

Summer activities

During a few summer weeks every year, we open our visitor's center for everyone. Visit our exhibition, listen to a lecture, take a ride on our electrical train, or sit down for Swedish fika.

How to find us

Ringhals is situated in Halland, 25 km north of Varberg and 60 km south of Gothenburg. Exit the E6/E20 at junction 56 and follow the signs to Ringhals.

Contact us

Ringhals Infocenter
Ringhals Infocenter
Fax +46 (0)340 66 55 15
Detail of building at Ringhals
Ringhals AB
Postal address: SE-432 85 Väröbacka, Sweden

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Ringhals nuclear power plant produces 20 percent of all electricity used in Sweden.

Two male employees at Ringhals

To work at Ringhals, you need to be skilled, committed and safety aware.

Cows browsing next to Ringhals

We are continuously working to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.